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The next era of metrics, tools, and services from Jarvis Labs begins here. Tara is the web3 dashboard giving TARA NFT holders access to a portal of reliable investment tools. For the first time ever, alpha now has limited access.

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dashboard tara

Where we push the boundaries of what is possible

Tara is a testing ground for Jarvis Labs. It is where its hub of alpha hackers releases their latest creations for feedback by the community.

The team leverages the largest onchain infrastructure and centralized exchange database to uncover trade signals. And by leaning on artificial intelligence the team of data scientists, engineers, researchers, and economists look to make Tara their testnet for tomorrow’s products.

Come join the community and experience what gated alpha looks like.


Why do I need an NFT?

The TARA NFT acts as your login credentials. There is no need to create a username or password. Simply hold the NFT in your Ethereum based wallet and connect to the application. Once connected, the website will verify you have the TARA NFT and grant access.


How many NFTs are there?

There are only 500 NFTs. No more NFTs will be minted. Meaning the maximum number of subscribers possible at any given moment is 500.


What was the mint price of the NFT ?

Tara NFT sale happened in November 2021. Mint price was 0.2 ETH


What if I don’t like the dashboard?

If you hold the TARA NFT and no longer find value in the portal, go ahead and resell the NFT on the secondary market (ie - OpenSea).


What are future features to come?

Lot’s of features are yet to be introduced, a roadmap will soon be live.